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Viewing Mental Illness through a Spiritual Lens

Many clients that end up in my office want to work on what they view as a “spiritual crisis” in their lives. This crisis manifests in a variety of ways, either through the loss of a loved one, an addiction to some mind numbing substance or behavior, a trauma of some sort, debilitating depression or anxiety, or as I often call it, they find themselves riding the “Vortex of Crazy Train” and they are unable to get off.

I often conceptualize the crisis my client’s are experiencing as a growing edge, an opportunity for spiritual, emotional and psychological growth. I don’t feel there is anything shameful about growing and evolving, rather, I see it as a unique opportunity for me to be able to companion them on their journey and be a witness to their awakening.

The following article offers some wonderful insights into how traditional western medicine and traditional mental health professionals typically conceptualize and treat mental illness and how having a broader view can in fact provide a more empathic and resourceful recovery.

What A Shaman Sees In A Mental Hospital

It is my belief that having a broad depth of knowledge in a variety of treatment modalities is not only helpful but also helps to reduce the stigma around mental illness and addiction.

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