Treatment Consulting Services

Marie is a licensed clinician and an independent contractor, which means she does not accept referral fees from treatment centers. Instead, she works as an advocate for the family and clients that admit for treatment. As a Treatment Consultant, again Marie draws on her clinical expertise and treatment center relationships and insights to make recommendations to the client for the best fit.

For 8 years, Marie served as the executive director of the largest recovery center in the Southwest, the Twelfth Step Ministry at the Center for Spiritual Development in Dallas. During her tenure at the CSD Marie developed and oversaw 80+ 12-step recovery meetings each week and over the years she created strong relationships with treatment centers across the United States. Marie is a respected leader in the recovery community in Dallas and currently serves as President of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals President – Dallas Chapter.

There are many factors, considerations and choices when it comes to identifying where to send a loved one for treatment. How is a family supposed to make an informed choice? By talking to an expert in the field, someone with current knowledge about the different treatment centers across the country. The residential treatment industry is constantly changing; in terms of staff, treatment modalities and specialties.  In addition, there are many venture capital firms investing in residential treatment centers as RTC’s are viewed as profit centers for investors.  On the surface, this isn’t a bad thing, as venture capitalists will invest in respected treatment programs in order to enhance services, raise the clinical acumen of staff, and upgrading of facilities.  There are many factors that influence the services provided by residential treatment centers, therefore working with a treatment consultant with real time knowledge about programs in the industry is important.

Because of Marie’s relationships within in the addiction recovery industry, Marie refers to treatment centers in which she knows the clinical team, their treatment philosophy, the culture of the community and what your loved one can expect from their treatment experience. Whether referring to residential care, partial hospitalization or intensive out-patient, it’s important you speak with an expert.

Marie also assists with the process of VOB (Verification of Benefits) but then provides the family with a recommendation for residential treatment based on the needs of the individual, services provided by the treatment center and other factors, travel, family program, ancillary services, transitional living, extended care, PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) and referrals to other specialized treatment providers.

Contact names and information for any treatment recommendations are provided to the family in order for the family members to follow up with the providers themselves. Marie believes it is important for the family to take an active role in their loved one’s healthcare, so equipping family members with information will allow them to make an informed choice.

Marie is a strategic thinker a visionary and organizational development specialist. She has worked professionally in the nonprofit arena in the areas of consulting, administration, fundraising and special event planning and coordination, legislative advocacy and volunteer recruitment and management for over 25 years. She has also held several nonprofit administrative level positions and currently holds leadership positions on several nonprofit boards.

In addition, Ms. Krebs holds several licensures and certifications:

Licensed Professional Counselor | Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor | Sexual Recovery Therapist
Certified Clinical Partner Specialist | Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator | Certified Spiritual Director

In 2007 Marie was retained to provide consulting services to the Twelfth Step Ministry at the center for Spiritual Development (CSD) in Dallas. The CSD is the largest recovery center in the Southwest. By November 2014 Marie had increased the organizational revenue over 150% and gained national attention and recognition for the organization.

Marie has completed numerous trainings and certifications programs that reflect her commitment and passion for excellence in all her endeavors.

If you or your organization are in need of consulting services in the areas of:

Please contact Marie at 469-212-9897


Krebs Consulting Services fees are fair and reasonable. Consulting, training and facilitation fees will be determined after initial consultation and request for services. A proposal outline and fee schedule will be presented in response to your request for services. If retained, the contract will include a detailed scope of work describing the services to be provided. Partial payment is required prior to starting any work, unless other arrangements are made. Professional codes of ethics do not permit Krebs Consulting Services staff to work for commission, percentage or contingency fees.


One – Three Day Intensives Available for:

Residential Treatment Centers | Partial Hospitalization Program | Intensive Outpatient Program

3 Day “Daring Way™ Intensive”

The Daring Way ™ is a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. The method was developed to help men, women, and adolescents learn how to show up, be seen, and live braver lives. The primary focus is on developing shame resiliency skills and developing a courage practice that transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead. Ms. Krebs will travel to your location and provide your client’s with a Daring Way ™ 3 Day Intensive.

1-3 Day “Daring Way ™ Intensive”
Shame Resilience Staff Training

This intensive workshop is for helping professionals: doctors, nurses, therapists, inpatient staff, residential treatment staff, dieticians, spiritual directors, etc. The Daring Way™ is a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. The method was developed to help men, women, and adolescents learn how to show up, be seen, and live braver lives. The primary focus is on developing shame resiliency skills and developing a courage practice that transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead. This training is designed for treatment staff.

3 Day – Relational Trauma Intensive

This intensive workshop is designed for RTC, IOP or PHP setting. During this intensive, participants will learn be guided through a Relational Partner Trauma curriculum that uses an integrative approach to treatment. The curriculum draws on evidenced based practices that provide participants with tools and skills to heal from relational trauma, to build self-esteem and empower participants to live wholeheartedly.

1-3 Day Spiritual Direction

Available for both individuals and groups Spiritual Direction is defined as the experience of the director providing direction to the individual in order for that person to pay attention to God’s personal communication to him or her, to respond to this personally communicating God, to grow in intimacy with this God, and to live out the consequences of the relationship.

The following are components of spiritual direction that may be used during the process:

  • An inner process of unfolding experience and awareness
  • Contemplative conversations for helping a person identify his or her path
  • Soul friendship — companionship through joys and challenges on the spiritual journey
  • Mentoring, counseling or coaching for developing the spiritual inner life
  • Accountability — a relationship that keeps one moving toward one’s previously identified goals.

2 - Day Family Recovery Intensive

This intensive is designed for an RTC. PHP or IOP setting. The Family Recovery Intensive provides family members with tools and skills for developing a healthy relationship with their loved one. The intensive utilizes a variety of formats for curriculum delivery: didactic, film, and experiential activities.


For an additional fee, a non-compete agreement can be added to the contract for a set period of time where Marie Krebs Consulting cannot sell this program to a competitor within a specified distance of the facility.

For pricing or additional details please contact Ms. Krebs at or by phone at 469-212-9897.



Grants from foundations or governmental agencies are professional collaborations between an organization whose mission for serving complements another organization’s mission for giving. As such, it is important to present requests in terms of your organization’s overall goals in order to demonstrate their compatibility with those of a potential sponsor. Program Development is the process by which your organization’s request is developed into a fundable program that can be proposed to multiple, appropriate sponsors or funders.


A strong board means strong finances – the best board members raise money easily and they spend money carefully. Ms. Krebs can honestly assess your board’s strengths and limitations and help you develop a plan for constructive growth. If you clearly delineate each board member’s roles and responsibilities and if each board member agrees to accept individual responsibility to work toward a common goal, your organization will be poised for success. Some organizations, because of the nature of their campaigns, require more specialized or intensive services in certain areas, while other organizations will have specific challenges or need to utilize other revenue streams, rather than a capital campaign. Ms. Krebs offers a range of intensive services available to these non-profits at affordable rates.


A sound, in-depth feasibility study is the essential first step toward making your fundraising goals a reality. Will your constituency support your cause? Where are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you aiming too high or too low? Determining answers to these key questions will remove the guesswork from the decision-making process and give your organization the foundation and confidence you need to move forward with your campaign. In some cases, it may be necessary for an organization to develop capacity in certain organizational areas, rather than proceeding ahead with a campaign. With a strong background in organizational development as well as fundraising, you can be assured that the recommendations provided by Ms. Krebs are driven by what is in the best interest of her clients.


Marie offers many tools and other strategic planning services. Contact Marie directly to learn more.


  • Serve as representative for your program
  • Network with my constituency to drive admissions to your program
  • Develop unique “niche” programming for your RTC, PHP or IOP
  • Develop collaborative continuing education programming utilizing your program staff in order to highlight your program’s strengths and to drive admissions to your program
  • Assist with recruiting, screening and training of program staff
  • Other services as needed


Marie is available to make presentations on a variety of subjects.
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