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Marie has extensive experience providing psychological and behavioral treatments for drug and alcohol abuse/dependence, depression and anxiety, interpersonal relationships, divorce, grief and loss. She is also a Certified Sexual Recovery Therapist, and specializes in addictive and compulsive behaviors, and intimacy disorders. As a clinician that works extensively within the recovery community, she believes it is important to provide the necessary tools and resources to develop and maintain a balanced and healthy life, and meaningful interpersonal relationships.

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The Ethics of Reciprocity in Addiction Treatment

The Ethics of Reciprocity and other Business Development Practices in Addiction Treatment Reciprocity is a very common business practice in a variety of industries and on the surface, it makes sense, in terms of growing and expanding one’s business.  Regardless of the industry; governmental, not for profit agencies, businesses of all sizes use reciprocity to…

Inspiring Message for 2015

Please enjoy this inspiring message from a friend of mine – whose no nonsense approach to life ensures that we can live more meaningful wholehearted lives. Photo from

A Reflection On Hope For 2015

With the coming of a New Year, many of our clients may be struggling to remain hopeful, due to circumstances that oftentimes feel beyond their control.   So how do we as clinicians work to instill hope, when things appear hopeless? There are several writers; Victor Frankl, Rollo May, Carl Rogers and Gerald May all of…

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