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Are You Worried About the Ashley Madison Hack?

Ashley Madison, the website that advertises “Life is short, have an affair,” has been hacked. Not only has data been compromised, but personal information has been made public.  

You may be scared – and for a very good reason. Especially if you are one of the names on that list.  This link will help you determine if you’re one of those whose information has been made public.

The scary part is that many, including a San Antonio Texas Police Chief, are resorting to suicide in the wake of this breach. It doesn’t matter if millions of others are also scared and going public –  this is about you.  

Are you living with the dread of imminent exposure? Are you imagining what this will do to you, your business, and your family?

Are you swinging back and forth between obsessing that your life is ruined to telling yourself you are going to be ok, that maybe the threat isn’t real? This can be your wake-up call. You can have a life in which you no longer have to worry when the phone rings, when your spouse is near your phone or laptop, or when the kids get online before you’ve cleared your history.

If you are ready to turn your life around, consider reaching out to me. I’m a Dallas psychotherapist with years of experience helping individuals and couples heal from infidelity and sexual deception. Check out the rest of my site for more information about my unique qualifications.

Maybe you can handle this thing.  Maybe you can’t. Maybe you are not sure. But one thing is certain. You’re scared. I can help.

No matter what you did, know you’re not alone. Hope exists and one day you will be able to look back at this time when you feel so powerless and afraid and realize it was the start of a new way of living.  

If you don’t speak with me please, talk with someone.  Get ahead of this thing. 

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