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The Ethics of Reciprocity in Addiction Treatment

The Ethics of Reciprocity and other Business Development Practices in Addiction Treatment Reciprocity is a very common business practice in a variety of industries and on the surface, it makes sense, in terms of growing and expanding one’s business.  Regardless of the industry; governmental, not for profit agencies, businesses of all sizes use reciprocity to leverage their relationships with others and increase their bottom line.  In other words, you refer to me I’ll refer to you. In most industries, this works without crossing ethical boundaries. However, in the addiction industry the practice of reciprocity is both unethical and in some cases can have deadly consequences.   I have a background in organizational leadership and ethics, non-profit management, business consulting, as well as extensive clinical training…

Are You Worried About the Ashley Madison Hack?

Ashley Madison, the website that advertises “Life is short, have an affair,” has been hacked. Not only has data been compromised, but personal information has been made public.   You may be scared – and for a very good reason. Especially if you are one of the names on that list.  This link will help you determine if you’re one of those whose information has been made public. The scary part is that many, including a San Antonio Texas Police Chief, are resorting to suicide in the wake of this breach. It doesn’t matter if millions of others are also scared and going public –  this is about you.   Are you living with the dread of imminent exposure? Are you imagining what this will…

The Art & Science of Practicing Loving-Kindness

When I think of people that regularly practice loving kindness images of monks and “zen type” folks that live in a monastery or behind the walls of a safe community come to mind. The story I make up in my head is that these people don’t have to deal with the “real world” problems you and I are faced with on a daily basis. My story continues in that I tell myself it must be so easy for them, tucked away in their perfect little world without having to deal with all the drama on the outside, so of course, it’s easy for them to practice loving kindness. Of course, I know this isn’t true. Practicing loving kindness is a deliberate process, it doesn’t happen…

Inspiring Message for 2015

Please enjoy this inspiring message from a friend of mine – whose no nonsense approach to life ensures that we can live more meaningful wholehearted lives. http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/10-points-to-getting-it-done-with-no-resolutions-wcz/ Photo from Pixabay.com

A Reflection On Hope For 2015

With the coming of a New Year, many of our clients may be struggling to remain hopeful, due to circumstances that oftentimes feel beyond their control.   So how do we as clinicians work to instill hope, when things appear hopeless? There are several writers; Victor Frankl, Rollo May, Carl Rogers and Gerald May all of whom understood that feeling hopeful is a generative (active) process. They believed that hope is a choice, and the more challenging the circumstances the more likely an individual will make a “choice” to hope. To quote May, “We may go through a great deal of humbling if not outright humiliation, before we come to this simplicity of hope”. To facilitate hope, therapists must demonstrate or model hope for their clients….

HUFF POST article on “Why Great Husbands Are Being Abandoned”

Randi Gunther, Clinical psycologist, marriage counselor, and author, has an interesting take on marriage in the 21st century. From the story: The millennial men, who are their current counterparts, are freer thinkers and they have responded in kind in their relationships as well. These men like their women strong and feisty, and have willingly accepted the responsibility to connect in a more vulnerable way. They get it that it’s sexy to help make a meal or take the kids away on a Sunday morning so their wives can sleep in. They are the androgynous guys that their women have asked them to become. You can read more of the story on Huffington Post. Picture from Pixabay.com

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